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Daniel Arzola is Venezuelan visual artist, Human rights activist,  and lecturer. Daniel Arzola popularized the term "Artivism" as the creator of "No Soy Tu Chiste" (I'm Not a Joke) a series of posters that became the first LGBT campaign to reach the media in Venezuela. “I’m Not a Joke” was also translated into twenty languages and supported via Twitter by Madonna. The I'm not a Joke project continues to be exhibited in different cities around the world, Including a permanent exhibition at the Carlos Jáuregui subway station in Buenos Aires. 

I define myself as an “Artivist.” I believe that Artivism is to intervene in the dynamics that art uses to communicate.

Daniel Arzola.

Winner of The Artivism Fellowship 2022.



Winner of The Howard Liebhaber Human Rights Award 2021.


Winner of The Logo Trailblazer Honors Award



Winner of Super Youth Contest 2014




Statement of the Artist

As an artist, thinking about the transcendency of my work is my main purpose. I believe that art is the echo of a message in time. I think in art as not only a tool to tell stories and create memories, but also as a symbol of hope and power. Art makes us feel admiration for people we don't know, art has the power to transform the spaces it occupies.


As an immigrant, I like to create graphic works that connect where I am from with where I am now. I define myself as an “Artivist.” I believe that Artivism is to intervene in the dynamics that art uses to communicate. In other words, create a message that allows us to express an idea together. Art allows us to talk about who we are and where we come from through what we do.

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Daniel Arzola has given lectures and workshops at universities in the United States, Venezuela, Mexico and Canada. Daniel Arzola's graphic work has been commissioned by magazines, television channels and streaming services, including Netflix, and Canal+ in France. 

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